INBIT is a non-profit organization which constitutes an initiative for the advancement of the applied field of Biomedical Technology in GreeceINBIT aims to contribute  effectively  to the further development of the field, by promoting the areas of Biomedical Technology MANAGEMENT and QUALITY in the health care sector.

Investment Planning

The procedures for the acquisition of new devices and the renewal of the already installed ones depend on a wide range of technological and economic considerations. Accurate assessment and evaluation can lead to multiple benefits. Acquisition and replacement of medical equipment must be documented by criteria such as:

  • Analysis and evaluation of needs
  • Feasibility studies (evaluation of clinical needs, and epidemiological, demographic and investment data)
  • Appropriateness of technology (availability of adequate human resources in terms of skills to fully exploit technology, infrastructure, etc.)
  • Equipment life cycle (equipment age, intensity of use, availability of spare parts and consumables, etc.)
  • Safety
  • Cost Factors (direct and indirect costs, idle time, uptime, increased productivity, use of consumables etc.)
  • Technological Factors (technology assessment, innovation, leadership)

Proper assessment of all the above parameters is the starting point upon which all subsequent stages (drafting specifications, evaluation of tenders, acceptance testing of equipment etc.) are based for a successful procurement program.

When building a new section or unit, or renovating existing ones, the planning for medical equipment acquisition is equally important to the other plans (architectural, electromechanical, etc.) and medical equipment and its use affects all aspects of constructing and running a nursing facility.

The planning for medical equipment acquisition includes:

  • Analysis of requirements and needs of the hospital
  • Evaluation of existing equipment in conjunction with current technological developments and innovations
  • Equipment required per site, accompanied by all the installation requirements and operating conditions (power supplies, medical gases, air conditioning, etc.)
  • Costs
  • Support markets
  • Supervision of installation and acceptance tests
  • Continuous communication with the hospital and the construction team to capture all requirements and cooperation with all stakeholders.

The INBIT has the expertise and experience needed in order not only to achieve a successful planning but also to ensure the efficient implementation of a unit with reduced operating costs, which leads to long-term and important benefits from such an investment

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INBIT is hosted at Patras Science Park


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Odos Stadiou, Platani,
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