INBIT is a non-profit organization which constitutes an initiative for the advancement of the applied field of Biomedical Technology in GreeceINBIT aims to contribute  effectively  to the further development of the field, by promoting the areas of Biomedical Technology MANAGEMENT and QUALITY in the health care sector.

Brief report on INBIT's participation in the 2nd WHO Global Forum on Medical Devices

The Institute of Biomedical Technology (ΙΝΒΙΤ) actively participated in the Second WHO Global Forum on Medical Devices that took place from the 20th to the 24th of November 2013 in Geneva, Switzerland. In more detail:

- INBIT organized a Workshop on “A new generation web-based Medical Technology Management System” that was held on Friday November 22nd 2013 with the participation of distinguished Clinical Engineering specialists. The Workshop’s programme was as follows:


Opening and welcome address
Nicolas Pallikarakis (INBIT, Greece)

Introduction to medical technology management needs
Saide Calil (UNICAMP, Brazil)

Interactive presentation of INBIT's web-based MEMS as an example of such a tool
Panagiotis Malataras & Kallirroi Stavrianou (INBIT, Greece)

Interventions from a panel of experts
Yadin David (ACCE, USA), Bill Gentles (BTMTC, Canada), Tom Judd (ACCE, USA)

Discussion / Q&A from the audience
Concluding Remarks
Nicolas Pallikarakis (INBIT, Greece)

From left: Saide Calil, Yadin David, Nicolas Pallikarakis

- During the Session Policies for Medical Devices / Technical Specifications, Ms Dessislava Dimitrova, former Deputy Minister of Health of Bulgaria, made an oral presentation entitled “WHO collaboration on a national, EU-funded program for medical equipment procurement”, where she described in detail the outcomes of the collaboration among ΙΝΒΙΤ, the Bulgarian Ministry of Health and the WHO during the procurement process of medical equipment for Bulgarian hospitals. Ms Dimitrova underlined the benefits that resulted from INBIT’s consulting services (see detailed results).

From left: Panagiotis Malataras (Board Member of INBIT), Dessislava Dimitrova (former Deputy Minister of Health of Bulgaria), Nicolas Pallikarakis (Chairman of INBIT)

- During the Forum, ΙΝΒΙΤ also had a Stand with information material on its services and software systems, as well as a demo of the MEMS “Web-Praxis”, that was also presented at the Workshop. Moreover, INBIT presented sample copies of the official Greek translation of WHO’s publications entitled «Health technology assessment of medical devices» and «Barriers to innovation in the field of medical devices».

Kallirroi Stavrianou (INBIT) and Panagiotis Malataras

From left:  Nicolas Pallikarakis (Chairman of INBIT),  Shankar Krishnan (IFMBE Secretary-General),  Adriana Velazquez-Berumen (WHO Diagnostic Imaging and Medical Device Unit Coordinator),  Ratko Magjarevic (IFMBE President)



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