WHO collaboration on a National EU-funded program for medical equipment procurement in Bulgarian Hospitals. Presented by Ms Dessislava Dimitrova, former Deputy Minister of Health of Bulgaria

Written by Inbit Author Monday, 16 December 2013 13:55

Within the context of the Bi-annual Collaboration Agreement, WHO provided best-in-class technical assistance by subcontracting the Institute of Biomedical Technology – INBIT, a non-profit organisation established in 1991 in Greece, which:

• Reviewed the Technical Specifications defined by the Bulgarian experts;
• Organized working groups with local experts to discuss the updated technical parameters & build their capacity;
• Provided a detailed report on ways to structure requirements for equipment contracts on maintenance;
• Provided on-going technical support during the entire tendering process and replied to questions raised by tenders.

Additionally the team of local experts had a hands-on training on developing technical specifications as they participated in INBIT workshops. 

The tenders led to a 27% savings from the budgeted amount, which was based on the average sales price of similar equipment in the past 3 years and this enabled MoH to equip three additional hospitals.

Some manufacturers appealed the technical specifications (esp. the maintenance contracts tenders) in the Administrative Court for ensuring competition and MoH won all appeals based on the WHO report.

Praise was also received from the EU and industry organizations on the transparency of the tender process. 

This experience demonstrated the benefits of International collaboration and the importance of Technical Specifications (TS) for medical devices procurement purposes.

The initiative of the WHO in creating a database on MDs TS has been proved that is extremely important and will greatly improve, transparency and quality on choices, while at the same promote correct decisions based on the Most Economically Advantageous Tender.