applications and services that address the area of technology management and improvement of quality in healthcare


and participates in national or EU R&D projects and Concerted Actions, in the field of Biomedical Technology


with major international organizations based across the Globe and dispose a continuous flow of know-how and a constant monitoring of the advances in the field world-wide.


organizations, groups or individuals involved in Regulation, Management and Assessment of Medical devices. Special attention is given to Procurement, Effective and Safe use and Follow-up of medical equipment in hospitals, as well as Vigilance.

Biomedical Technology Management

The introduction of new technologies in healthcare, can be seen as improved diagnosis and treatment as well as increased efficiency of the services involved. At the same time, however, the implementation of these new improved technologies, introduces concerns on rising costs, safety and imposes new demands for tools and methods for their overall management. INBIT’s support services, for biomedical technology management, address a variety of technical and administrative issues, concerning the safe and efficient operation of medical equipment over the whole life cycle of its intended use.

Consulting Services

The Biomedical Technology is an important parameter in both, determining the cost of health services and operating expenses of the hospital, and in assuring the quality of health services delivered to the patient. In such an environment, characterized by an increasingly strong demand for high quality health services, combined with the need to reduce costs, the rational management of biomedical equipment is particularly critical.

The management of the equipment consists of a series of procedures and requires special expertise in implementing any of them individually in order to achieve optimum results.

INBIT provides a range of services, aiming to the rational and financially advantageous management of biomedical technology in hospitals.


  • Inventory of Equipment, using appropriate nomenclature, classification and codification tools
  • Investment Planning, incluiding evaluation of needs & priority settings
  • Technical Specifications
  • Acceptance testing
  • User reporting and medical device vigilance
  • Safety Tests
  • Use of management tools

Reunion of the Patras Erasmus BME Program

The academic year 2019-2020 is a special one for the Patras BME Program:
it is its 30th Anniversary, since the first students enrolled in 1989-1990!
On this occasion, it is our great pleasure to announce the:

30th Anniversary Reunion of the students and teachers
of the Patras Erasmus BME Program (30PatrasBME)

Dates: 22-23 May 2020
Venue: University of Patras, Greece

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