Health Technology Assessment Guidelines | AOTMiT

The purpose of these Guidelines for conducting Health Technology Assessment is to indicate the principles and acceptable methods of performing Health Technology Assessment to ensure high quality of analyses and reliable results. 

The target group of these Guidelines, in addition to AOTMiT employees, is the broadly understood HTA community, including employees of the Ministry of Health and the authority obliged to finance benefits from public funds, research centres, members of the Transparency Council, pharmaceutical companies, persons preparing HTA reports and members of HTA organisations. The Guidelines may also serve to physicians, patients and any other persons who are aware of the role of HTA. 

The Guidelines for conducting Health Technology Assessment were first formulated at the request and with the contribution of the Agency in March 2007, and then updated in April 2009. The current version of the Guidelines is an update of the previous documents. 

The need to update is a result of both the progress in methodology, as well as the accumulated experience in the use of HTA in the Polish health care system. Furthermore, European cooperation in the field of HTA led to the measures limiting the duplication of HTA works undertaken in the European Union Member States (Directive 2011/24/EU1). The European HTA Network, constituted pursuant to Article 15 of Directive 2011/24/EU, issued a document2 recommending the use of tools, reports and databases created in the framework of the EUnetHTA in the national health technology assessments. The provisions of HTA Core Model®3 and EUnetHTA methodological guidelines were taken into account in the development of these Guidelines. 

The works on the Guidelines were initially conducted internally within the Agency, and then within the Guidelines Update Team, whose members are listed in Annex 1. The Guidelines have been submitted for public commenting and for the review of the Minister of Health.