Technical Specifications

The preparation of Technical specifications is an integral part of a well-planned procurement process which should take into account of technological developments and the needs and particularities of each health care unit. Specifications should be prepared for each type of equipment and follow (if possible) a standard form. For the preparation of specifications, the instructions of use, the reports of international organizations dealing with technology assessment, the specifications of the already installed equipment (to ensure compatibility) and the opinion of the medical, technical and nursing staff should be carefully taken into consideration.

To select the most appropriate supplier, in addition to meeting basic requirements, the financial bid, the level of the service offered, and the previous experience should be taken into account.

INBIT has more than 20 years’ experience in this field and is involved in many projects initiated by the WHO in this area.

Recently participated in the WHO action in Greece, called  under the “Strengthening Capacity for Universal Coverage (SCUC2) initiative”, under the Strengthening the central procurement system in the Greek health sector project:

  • Briefing note describing the existing impediments and providing corresponding suggestions for the improvement of the overall process of specifications’ development for central procurement.
  • Rationalizing distribution and utilization of high value capital medical equipment in Greece.