Web Praxis

Medical Equipment Management System WEB-PRAXIS

WEB-PRAXIS is a Medical Equipment Management System, developed to support Clinical Engineering Departments (CED) of Hospitals with an emphasis on safety, efficiency and effectiveness of the use of medical equipment.

WEB-PRAXIS is addressing both, single hospitals with multiple users, as well as applications with peripheral structures, such as Regional Health Care Systems or multi-modular hospitals with remote units or buildings connected through an internet connection.

WEB-PRAXIS supports all operations of the CEDs:

  • Inventorying and Archiving comprising the complete management of records related to medical devices, manufacturers, suppliers, groups, models, etc.
  • Acquisition Procedures including acceptance testing.
  • Preventive Maintenance and Periodic Inspections of Medical Equipment with the creation and management of protocols and procedures for quality assurance and safety.
  • Corrective Maintenance with overall management and scheduling of the work orders.
  • Quality Assurance using quality and cost indicators for monitoring the quality of both the overall CED activity and the individual services provided to the hospital.
  • Reports' Generation with data analysis and statistics.
  • Management of Adverse Events with the possibility of reports to the Competent Authority.
  • Management and Monitoring of Education and Training activities of both the CED staff and hospital personnel in the use of MDs.

More info on Web Praxis?

You will find more info on WEB PRAXIS on its website at: www.web-praxis.gr

Health Care systems or Hospitals using WEB-PRAXIS

  • General Hospital of Athens "Evaggelismos"
  • University General Hospital of Patras
  • Chest Diseases Hospital of Athens "Sotiria"
  • Mother and Child Center in Chisinau, Moldova
  • General Hospital "Venizeleio"
  • General Hospital of Kalamata