Wireless Capsule Endoscopy: An Evidence-Based Analysis

The objective of this health technology policy assessment was to develop a funding policy for the use of capsule endoscopy [Given® Diagnostic Imaging System] in diagnostic work up of patients with gastrointestinal [GI] disease. Capsule endoscopy is currently not an insured health benefit under the Health Insurance Act and no aspect of this service can be billed to the Ontario Health Insurance Plan.

Technological advancement in the area of diagnostic endoscopy has resulted in the development of wireless capsule endoscopy [WCE], capable of advancing beyond the reach of conventional endoscopes. The ingestible imaging capsule (known as M2A) manufactured by GIVEN® IMAGING, is a wireless miniature video camera (26 mm in length and 11 mm in diameter) which transmits digital images to an external data recorder in a belt worn by the patient. The M2A capsule is smooth and is easily swallowed by the patient. It travels through gastrointestinal tract capturing two images per second and is excreted in approximately eight hours.

Tags: endoscopy
Year: 2003
Source: https://www.hqontario.ca